One of the perks of being a member of the Merri Mashers is that you have access to our ever growing equipment library.

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2-Tap Jockey Box

This two tap jockey box is perfect for serving up kegs of your beer in remote locations.  Simply fill the box with ice, hook up your kegs, and the beer transforms from warm in the keg, to ice cold flowing out of the tap.  

Be careful not to make it too cold, the stainless coils are so effective they've been known to freeze solid!  Try pushing beer through the lines before adding ice to the box (as beer freezes at lower temps than any residual water that might be in the lines), or make a slurry of ice/water rather than just adding only ice to the box.

Please also make sure you clean the beer lines/coils soon after you've finished using the unit (a keg with hot water and/or some PBW will do the trick).

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