Communibrew #2: Barleywine Boogaloo

Grain Bill

Grain EBC %
Maris Otter / Golden Promise blend 95%
Biscuit 5%

Hop Schedule

Name Weight AA Type Time
Bittering of your choice g % Boil Mins
EKG g % Boil Mins
Fuggles g % Boil Mins

Mash Steps

Step Temp Time
Recommended mash temperature 66° C Mins


Name Amount Type
Wyeast Scottish Ale 1728 Pkg Liquid


Communibrew 2022 - English Barley Wine!

Malt: 95% Maris Otter / Golden Promise blend. 5% Biscuit

Bittering hop: Brewer’s choice of hop, target 50 IBU total (will drink better early)

Flavour/aroma hops: EKG and Fuggles

Yeast: Scottish Ale 1728. Lalbrew Windsor as dry option. WLP028 White Labs alternative liquid yeast.

Targets: OG: 1.096. FG: 1.024. 10% abv.

Recommended mash temp: 66°C. Boil time: brewer’s choice. Generally >60 minutes

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