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The Merri Mashers are a home brew club based in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs. We were named after Melbourne’s Merri Creek, which runs through pretty much the exact demographic this club was created for.

With craft beer going through a huge growth phase in Australia, and home brewing growing in popularity right along with it, Melbourne’s inner north has become somewhat of a mecca for top-notch beer, with breweries such as Hawkers, La Sirène, Kooinda, 3 Ravens, Thunder Road, Sample and Temple all based here, and bars such as the Terminus, Carwyn Cellars, Great Northern Hotel, the Gertrude Hotel and the Alehouse Project satisfying the thirsts of the many who demand something more than bland mega-swill lagers.

Melbourne already has many successful home brewing clubs such as those based in the outer north (Worthogs), inner west (Westgate Brewers) and outer east (Melbourne Brewers), but a few of us with a passion for brewing and a desire to stay local realised a gap in the inner north, so with the help of the Aussie Home Brewer forum the Merri Mashers was born in spirit in late 2013 and incorporated in early 2014.

If you’re interested in joining us or have any club-related questions please email us.

The Committee

Cameron Eldridge Email

Vice President
Rosie Ensink Email

Michael Horn Email

Rohan Lowe Email

General Committee
Shaun Staples
Evan McCrann
Grace Sarta
Ant Dinham
Brian Murray

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