Future Mountain, 703-707 Plenty Rd, Reservoir


Jul 28


Merri Masher’s July meeting @ Future Mountain (bring cider and homebrew!)

Starts at: 7:00PM

In July we’re going back to one of our favourite venues, Future Mountain. This brewery, in the Masher’s heartland, continues to turn out great beer after great beer. If you haven’t been there before don’t miss this meeting!

There is no real “theme” for this meeting, but if you took part in the Masher’s cider day at Holger’s farm, or you’ve got any other cider hanging around, you’re HIGHLY encouraged to bring it to this meeting. You don’t? Then just bring homebrew. We’re good like that .

Note: Future Mountain doesn’t do their own food. We’re working to confirm if they will have a food truck for this meetings, but if they don’t you will be able to order in from neighbouring businesses or your preferred delivery service. We’ll post about food close to the date to clarify.

As with all club meetings please support the venue by ordering food and beers at the start of the night (if you can). The Woodlands has a great kitchen and you can order your dinner at the bar when you arrive.

Later, AFTER the club updates, it’s HIGHLY encouraged to share any homebrew you’ve brought. Sharing your creations is not only a tops thing to do but it’s a great way to get constructive feedback to improve your brewing.

Finally, if you’ve been stalking us on Facebook but aren’t a member yet you’re more than welcome to attend and see what we’re about. We’re an inclusive club and love newbies of all experience levels.




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