Thunder Road Red IPA Collaboration - Brew Day

Justin Sat May 02, 2015

Brew day for our Red IPA collaboration with Thunder Road had finally arrived, and it was time to get to work!  Here's some pics from the day, thanks to Brook Petrie's brilliant work, you can see "Red Man Walking" being created (click each photo to see it in the correct/original resolution:


Recipe tweaking:

Hop samples:

The man behind the original "Ronnie Ryan Red" mashes in:

Simon knows his way around a mash paddle!

Drinks break!  Marcus shows us some fancy workin' of the hand pump (that barrel-aged porter was a treat):

Colour & taste test, coming along real nice:

The Pres' home grown hops go in:

Scotsman Dan nearly drops the bag!

One last check (how good is this shot?):

All many brewers...but are there enough beards?

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