Meet the Masher - July 2016: Tim Martin

Spiesy Mon August 01, 2016
Meet the Masher

This is a new concept for the Merri Mashers where we try to regularly introduce someone from the club to you. It may be someone you know well, it may be someone you didn't know at all but that you find you have a lot in common with or it may be someone you want to avoid like the plague... there's only one way to find out.

Kicking things off is a quick Q&A with our newly incumbent President, Tim Martin.

Name, A/S/L? Or just name, age and location, please:

Tim Martin, 37, Pascoevale

How long have you been brewing for, Timbo?

4 years

And what got you into brewing?

Walked into Grain and Grape and bought a starter kit and a FWK. 

Tell us a little about your brewery...

My brewery is a 50L Braumeister and a 50L keg as a HLT for sparge. I have one pump, a Blichmann Therminator plate chiller, Blichmann HopRocket and use cam-locks as connections. The brewery is setup on a industrial shelving unit with casters and includes a hoist (boat winch) to lift the malt pipe (becuase I am a girly man).  

And how often are you using the boat winch to pull that malt pipe out, Popeye?

I like to brew at least once a month and sometimes squeeze in a second. 

What are your favourite styles to brew and what are your favourite styles to drink?

I like to brew US IPAs, Saison, Imperial Stouts. 

I like to drink IPAs, Sours, all Belgian styles; Stouts, Porters, Saison and barrel aged beers.

List your ultimate 6-pack of commercial beer:

1. Mornington IPA (my very 1st craft beer) 

2. Cantillon - Gueuze

3. Cantillon - Rose de Gambrinus

4. Two Metre Tall - Sour Cherry Ale

5. Two Metre Tall - Farmers Resilience & The 7 year itch

6. Westvleteren 12

What is your least favourite beer style/s and why?

Chilli beer - it tends to mask other flavours (and burns as much on the way out as it does on the way in). 

Outside of brewing, what floats your boat?

I love all things food, wine and coffee. 

What do you do for a crust?

I am a Nurse Manager. 

What malt, hops and yeast are doing it for you right now?

Malt: Golden Promise - old school UK base malt that is great in IPA. 

Hop: Vic Secret - I like Aussie hops and Vic Secret has great balance of fruit and resin that's nice in IPA's.

Yeast: Wyeast 3724 - it's a bastard and stalls at 1035 but makes an awesome Saison. 

Thanks Tim!


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