2015 Mystery Mash

Justin Wed July 29, 2015

The Mystery Mash has concluded for 2015.  Congratulations go to our four winners.  It was a real challenge trying to guess the ingredients at the July meeting last night!

First place went to Luke Richards, who correctly identified the two specialty malts used in the beers.  He walked away with a large stainless steel mash paddle.  Well done!

Second place flew to Jacob Rogers, who correctly guessed the base malt and came very close on the specialty malt and hops.  He won a recipe pack of grain, hops and yeast.  Top job!

Third place was a tie between Kevin Hawley and Kris Domagala.  They both won a vial each of WLP099, the High Gravity Ale Yeast.  Congratulations!

The mystery ingredients turned out to be Joe White Ale, Melanoiden and Medium Crystal malts, Ella hops and the BRY-97 ale yeast from Danstar.  The seven beers brewed were all delicious, with some interesting processes used, from souring to cooking the grain in a wok!  A range of styles were achieved - pale ales sat beside red ales, 5% ABV sat beside 8% ABV, all brewed from the same ingredients.  Thanks to the brewers and everyone who came along!

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