Nick’s Chocolate Coffee Whisky Stout - 2nd Place Specialty Westgate Stout Extravaganza ‘18 and ‘19

Grain Bill

Grain EBC %
Maris Otter 6 76.7%
Flaked Oats 2 8.7%
Chocolate Malt 885 4.3%
Roast Barley 591 4.3%
Black Patent Malt 985 2.9%
Crystal Malt - 120L 236 2.9%

Hop Schedule

Name Weight AA Type Time
Warrior 22g 16.2 % Boil 60 Mins
Williamette 35g 4.7 % Boil 25 Mins
Williamette 50g 4.7 % Boil 10 Mins

Mash Steps

Step Temp Time
° C Mins


Name Amount Type
Safale US-05 2 Pkg Dry


Founders KBS Clone based on:

75 g bittersweet chocolate and 50 g cacao powder added to the boil at 15 mins. Coffee additions as per recipe linked above.

Used Bru’n water ‘Black full’ water profile.

Fermented with 2 packets of US05 for a week at 18 then rose to 21 to help finish up.

2019 Update

A few differences in recipe and process resulted in a much better beer in my opinion.

I decided to re-brew this beer after last years Westgate comp as I now had a barrel! Taking the judges recommendations on board that the bitter and coffee flavours were a bit dominant over the Chocolate i decided to dial back the coffee and increase the chocolate additions.

OG - 1.081
Colour - 101EBC
Oats (Toasted in the oven at 150C for 35 minutes) 8.8%
Chocolate Malt (Bairds) - 4.2%
Roasted Barley (Gladfield) - 2.9%
Midnight Wheat (Breiss) - 2.7%
Dark Crystal (Gladfield) - 2.7%
Light Dry Malt Extract - 8.2% (Added only due to poor efficiency)

Warrior 60min - 28.5 IBU
Willamette 25min - 11.7 IBU
Willamette 10min - 7.3 IBU
Cacao Powder - 15min - 25g
Maker coffee beans (not ground) - flameout - 30g

FG - 1.024

IBU - 47.5

Simpsons Maris Otter - 70.4%

Bittersweet Belgian Chocolate 15min - 100g

Cacao nibs - 15min - 60g

2L starter of WLP090 pitched at high krausen into wort aerated with oxygen and fermented at 18C.

Water profile - Black Full on Bru’n Water

Mash temp was 68 for an hour with a 90min boil.

FG reached at 1.024. Racked to Barrel along with, 50g Cacao nibs, 30g Bourbon soaked American Oak chips and 4 x vanilla beans (Barrel had two beers through it previously, oak chips aimed mitigate any loss in barrel character).

Bottled about two months later when tasting good!

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