Mojo Summer Ale

Grain Bill

Grain EBC %
Ale Malt 6 65%
Pilsner 3.5 20%
Vienna 8 10%
Crystal 120 4%
Special B 290 1%

Hop Schedule

Name Weight AA Type Time
Amarillo 18g 9.2 % Boil 20 Mins
Centennial 15g 10.2 % Boil 20 Mins
Amarillo 25g 9.2 % Boil 10 Mins
Centennial 25g 10.2 % Boil 10 Mins
Amarillo 25g 9.2 % Boil 0 Mins
Centennial 25g 10.2 % Boil 0 Mins
Citra 60g 11 % Dry Hop Mins

Mash Steps

Step Temp Time
Sacc 67.7° C 60 Mins


Name Amount Type
WLP001 1 Pkg Liquid


​This recipe is for a chilled version, starting the chill quickly after the flameout hop addition (so very little IBU should be achieved with the flame out hop).

Example grain bill - 23 litre batch, 68% efficiency:

3.3kg JW Trad Ale, 1kg Pilsner, 500gm Vienna, 200gm Crystal 120, 50gm Special B

This can be a quick turnaround beer, I’ve done a few batches now that have gone from brewing to the keg in under two weeks, one I did in only 10 days! Feel free to substitute the yeast for any US west coast ale yeast, such as US-05, BRY-97, Mangrove Jacks M44, Wyeast 1056 etc.

And yes the first hop addition is with only 20m remaining in the boil. I’ve done this beer as a 30m mash, 30m boil with no issues….makes for a nice short brew day. The recipe’s quite flexible too, you can use pretty much any ale malt…I find Joe White gives it a bit of an Aussie malt flavour that keeps my local mega-swill drinking mates happy…or use Maris Otter for a deeper colour and more malt-driven profile. The Special B addition is optional, I just love what it does for an American Pale Ale. And if you want something really light-coloured, you can swap the crystal 120 for Carahell or another light crystal spec malt.

You could also up the Citra dry hop if you like more passionfruit/pineapple punch.

I use Irish moss in the kettle to help with the clarity…I rack this onto gelatin in the keg (1tsp of gelatin in 200ml water, stir, heat 15s in the microwave, take it out, stir, heat, repeat until it reaches about 65C, then pour into the keg). After a few days in the keg you pull off the first pot and from then on this beer should be crystal clear.

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