Mattias’ So&So Choc Coffee Stout - 1st Geelong Shootout Speciality

Grain Bill

Grain EBC %
Gladfield Ale Malt 6 72%
Munich Dark (BestMälz) 25 12%
Caramunich I (Weyermann) 100 4%
Caramunich II (Weyermann) 124 4%
Roasted Barley (Joe White) 1400 3.5%
Chocolate Malt (Joe White) 750 3.5%

Hop Schedule

Name Weight AA Type Time
Target 45g 11 % Boil 120 Mins

Mash Steps

Step Temp Time
Single Infusion 66.7° C 60 Mins


Name Amount Type
Nottingham 2 Pkg Dry


Mashed at 66 degrees for 60 mins

Fermented at 20 degrees for 2 weeks. D-rest at 23 degrees for 1 week then back to 20 for another week.

Left in primary for 4 weeks. Once kegged I added 200 ml of espresso shots and 250 ml of Creme de Cacao White to the keg. Left the beer to mature in room temp for 6 weeks then carbed it up over a few weeks in the kegerator.

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