Mattias’ Raspberry Saison

Grain Bill

Grain EBC %
JW Pilsner 3.2 82.5%
JW Wheat 3.5 9.7%
Acidulated Malt 3 4.9%
Table Sugar 2 2.9%

Hop Schedule

Name Weight AA Type Time
Pride of Ringwood 40g 9 % Boil 90 Mins
Mosaic 50g 12.25 % Boil 0 Mins

Mash Steps

Step Temp Time
Sacc 64.4° C 75 Mins


Name Amount Type
French Saison (Wyeast 3711) 1 Pkg Liquid


Fermentation started at 24C, no starter made, under pitched on purpose. Ramped uptemp to 28C over the course of a few days.

Added 1kg of raspberries per 20 litres into primary when gravity was approx 1.015, leave for 5 days.

Cold crashed when fermentation complete.

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