Kris’ Belgian Dark Strong - 2nd Place at Belgian Beerfest 2016

Grain Bill

Grain EBC %
Best Malz Pilsner 36%
Simpsons Maris Otter 22%
Weyermann Munich 1 22%
Joe White Wheat 5%
Weyermann Melanoidin 3%
Weyermann Caraaroma 3%
Weyermann Carapils 2%
Dark Candi Syrup 6%
Light Dried Malt Extract* %

Hop Schedule

Name Weight AA Type Time
Styrian Goldings 72g 5.2 % Boil 60 Mins

Mash Steps

Step Temp Time
Step 1 63° C 60 Mins
Step 2 72° C 20 Mins
Mash Out 78° C 10 Mins


Name Amount Type
Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey** 250 ml Liquid


This beer won Kris Domagala 2nd Place in the Dark Ales category at the recent Belgian Beerfest 2016, hosted by Yarra Valley Brewers.

General Notes:

  • Brewed on a Grainfather system. 21L post boil volume target with 17L into the fermenter.

Mash Notes:

  • *LDME was 0.8kg added due to poor mash efficiency to hit target por-boil gravity.
  • Crystal Malts were added at Mash Step 2.
  • Mash in with 19L, rest at 63C for 60, raise to 72C and rest for 20, raise to 78 and mash out for 10mins. Sparge with 9.5L water at 80C.

Fermentation Notes:

  • WY1214 yeast was a re-pitched slurry, consisting of 250ml of yeast.
  • Aerated wort for 45s with pure oxygen at pitching, and then another 35s the following day due to no visible activity.
  • Fermented at 18C for 2-days, then raised to 21.5C over 3-days.
  • Fined with gelatine.
  • Counter pressure bottle filled and kept at room temperature for two months prior to competition.

Thanks for your recipe, Kris, and congratulations on yet more awards!

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