The Woodlands Hotel - 84-88 Sydney Rd, Coburg


Jun 29


Merri Masher’s June meeting & AGM @ The Woodlands Hotel - Bring Homebrew!

Starts at: 7:00PM

This month we’re holding the Masher’s Annual General Meeting at The Woodlands Hotel. It’s a great chance to hear about and discuss the current position and future of the club, as well as vote for all committee positions. Oh, and once we’re finished with the formalities we can all share our homebrews as usual.

As with all club meetings please support the venue by ordering food and beers at the start of the night (if you can). The Woodlands has a great kitchen and you can order your dinner at the bar when you arrive.

Later, AFTER the club updates, it’s HIGHLY encouraged to share any homebrew you’ve brought. Sharing your creations is not only a tops thing to do but it’s a great way to get constructive feedback to improve your brewing.

Finally, if you’ve been stalking us on Facebook but aren’t a member yet you’re more than welcome to attend and see what we’re about. We’re an inclusive club and love newbies of all experience levels.




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