The Woodlands Hotel. 84-88 Sydney Rd, Coburg


Jan 25


Merri Masher’s January Meeting @ The Woodlands Hotel

Starts at: 7:00PM

With the Masher’s IPA Comp only eight weeks away we’re putting together a night focused on packaging techniques. Nothing ruins a beer faster (particularly a hop-forward beer) than oxidation from poor packaging processes (or PPP for short). So, we’re going to demonstrate a number of ways to get beers from the fermenter/keg to a keg/bottle with minimal O2 exposure.

We have the IPA comp in mind with this topic but reducing oxygen exposure will improve the freshness and longevity of all your beers. It should be a great demo and conversation.

Oh, and did I mention it’s Australia Day eve? It would be un-Australian to not drink great homebrewed beers, right? Plus, stay out late and sleep in the next morning - no work! (sorry if you do have to work, I’ll drink your beer for you smile

Rock up any time after work and proceedings will kick off shortly after 7pm.

As with all club meetings please support the venue by ordering food and beers at the start of the night (if you can). The Woodlands do great food. The parma is highly recommended.

Later, AFTER the club updates and structured tasting, it’s HIGHLY encouraged to share any homebrew you’ve brought. Sharing your creations is not only a tops thing to do but it’s a great way to get constructive feedback to improve your brewing.

Finally, if you’ve been stalking us on Facebook but aren’t a member yet you’re more than welcome to attend and see what we’re about. We’re an inclusive club and love newbies of all experience levels.


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