Pub Guide: Bright Brewery

TimT Thu August 06, 2015
Pub Guide

Bright Brewery
121 Great Alpine Rd
Bright VIC 3741
(03) 5755 1301

Though the town of Bright has only got one syllable to its name, it has three pubs: The Alpine Hotel, the Bright...

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2015 Mystery Mash

Justin Wed July 29, 2015

The Mystery Mash has concluded for 2015.  Congratulations go to our four winners.  It was a real challenge trying to guess the ingredients at the July meeting last night!


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Pub Guide: Woodlands Hotel

Justin Wed July 22, 2015
Pub Guide


Woodlands Hotel
84/88 Sydney Rd
Melbourne VIC 3058

The Woodlands Hotel has always flown under the club’s radar a little bit.  Come July 2015, the Merri Mashers committee...

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Pub Guide: Easey’s

Justin Sun July 12, 2015
Pub Guide


3/48 Easey St
Collingwood VIC 3066

Easey’s is a trendy burger joint and bar just off Smith St. It is not just a bar, however – it’s a bar with a gimmick! Three train...

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Pub Guide: Two Hands Bar

Justin Wed July 08, 2015
Pub Guide

Two Hands Bar
311A Victoria St
Abbotsford VIC 3067

Two Hands Bar is an odd pub and a perfect beginning for an off-the-wall kind of night.  Opening in 2014 it rests tight and snug...

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Pub Guide: Aviary Hotel

Justin Thu July 02, 2015
Pub Guide

Aviary Hotel
271 Victoria St
Abbotsford VIC 3067



The Aviary Hotel has been around for a while now, providing a solid anchor between the bars further east on Victoria St and...

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